As organizers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, we assume our responsibility to be kinder to our environment and have decided to action to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s critical to take care of our home, the planet Earth.

We are committed through our actions and initiatives to inspire all runners to take positive action against climate change.

The most impactful initiative we are starting in 2023 is: “You run, we plant.

It’s simple: For each runner who completes our Marathon course, we will be planting 1 tree at one of the villages that are on the course. So, let your running buddies know and join in the effort to save the planet!

A sign will also be added to all the planting locations with all the names who completed the Marathon course, a legacy for the future of this planet.


We will be doing our best to reduce our plastic use and while we are using it to actually recycle it fully – with the below actions:

As part of our efforts in minimising plastic usage, we made the decision to replace the plastic water bottles offered at the 5km Fluid Station with compostable paper cups that will be filled with water. 
Plastic Cups were used in fluid stations for Electrolytes. From now on, only compostable paper cups will be used for such purpose. 
During the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, many participants and spectators will produce lots of litter. We will be having clearly marked waste bins at various locations so that all the waste is categorised and recycled. Green Dot Cyprus, the first Packing & Packaging Waste Management System in Cyprus is also supporting our cause and efforts.
From all of our suppliers we require to provide us with material with the minimum packaging as possible. Local suppliers are also used as much as possible to limit the travelling for products and/or services.
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