Around 10 days before the event you will receive an e-mail stating your “race number” along with race-day instructions – Please print this e-mail and bring it with you, along with a Passport or ID, at the goody-bag collection. In the rare case that you don’t receive such an e-mail, please print your registration confirmation and bring it with you.

Runners must pick up their goody bags (inc. race number) at the Marathon Expo at the “En Plo” Exhibition Hall, just 100 metres from the Pafos Castle and 300 metres from the Kato Pafos Main Bus Station.

At the following dates/times:

Friday, 1st of March: 09:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 18:00 hrs
Saturday, 2nd of March: 09:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 18:00 hrs

Athletes should produce proof of entry and ID/Passport at registration to collect their race number.

There are as usual contingency plans for runners who arrive on late flights, emergencies or from distant parts of Cyprus. Please email us at info@cyprusmarathon.com

The Marathon starts at 07:30 at Petra tou Romiou (buses will depart from 06:00 till 06:20 from Kato Paphos Main Bus Station – 300 meters from Pafos Castle). The Half-Marathon starts at 08:30 at Pafos Castle Square. The 10km Road Race starts at 08:45 at Pafos Castle Square. The 5km Fun Run starts at 09:00 at Pafos Castle Square. Please arrive at the start line at least 45 minutes earlier.
All participants must wear their official race number (bib) on the FRONT of his or her outer layer of clothing. The number must be fully visible at all times (not cut, folded, or obscured) or the runner risks disqualification. The timing chip that records your time is attached at the back of your race number (the foam). Please fill out the important medical information on the back of your number. It is extremely important to ensure we have accurate medical information about every participant for medical emergencies. In any case of exchanging a race number between runners, will lead to disqualification and ban from the race and reporting to the AIMS and World Athletics for long-term ban from all the official races around the world.

Entries to the Logicom Cyprus Marathon are NON-REFUNDABLE and are NOT TRANSFERABLE between individuals. Entries once purchased may not be resold, exchanged or given to another person. The Logicom Cyprus Marathon reserves the right to suspend any entry if there is evidence of a transfer.

We do offer deferrals (for the 2025 event) and downgrades/upgrades to other races, however, you must notify us by the 10th of January 2024 the latest. Deferrals are not allowed after that date. Any downgrades after the 1st of February will include a 10euro cost. 

If you are not living in Pafos and/or you don’t have a car, there are buses from all around Pafos (and Cyprus) that arrive at the Kato Pafos Main Bus Station (300 meters from the Start). For all people coming from abroad, you may also use public transport. Another option is taking a taxi or even walking (if your hotel is nearby). In the case that you drive a car, there is also parking with plenty of spaces nearby.

For Marathon runners: Please make sure to arrive at the Kato Pafos Main Bus Station between 06:00 or 06:20, that is when the buses will depart to take you to the start. If you have any other option of arriving at the start (Petra tou Romiou) please make sure to arrive there by at least 06:50.

Pafos Buses website: https://www.pafosbuses.com/

Our partners, DHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry, will make sure to safe-keep your bags while you run. The Marathon runners, can take their bags to the start (at Aphrodite’s Rock) and they can pick them up when they finish (at Paphos Medieval Fort). The Half-Marathon and 10km Runners will be able to hand in their bags to the DHL personnel at the Paphos Medieval Fort Square (Start line) and can pick them up when they finish. The latest time to check in your goody bag is at 08:10. *All runners from the 3 races will be provided with a label which they can use either on the goody bag provided by the Logicom Cyprus Marathon. Only the official goody bag will be accepted. Disclaimer: Please do not include any valuable personal items in your bags. All bags and items entering the Logicom Cyprus Marathon venues and events are subject to inspection by the organisers ‘Running in Cyprus’, contracted private security personnel, venue personnel, and the Pafos Police.

The Marathon & Half-Marathon runners will enjoy fluid stations with Mineral Water in bottles (0.5L), Electrolytes (Brand TBC) and sponges. The fluid stations will be 3 kilometers apart and there will be just Water on one and Water, Electrolytes, Sponges on the next (continuing with the same pattern).

The 10km runners will pass from the same fluid station twice, at the 3rd and 7th kilometer, which will offer Mineral Water in bottles (0.5L).

The 5km runners will pass the only fluid station at the halfway mark (2.5 kilometer) and they can enjoy Mineral Water in bottles (0.5L).

The Marathon runners will have the opportunity to pass by toilets at the 13th, 21st and 36th kilometre. Medical personnel will also be present at all aid stations and in the start and finish area. The Half-Marathon runners will have the opportunity to pass by toilets and a medic 2 times (9 km and 15 km). The Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10km Runners will enjoy Music and Cheering zones throughout the course! There will be Ambulances and Motorcyclists that will aid you throughout the course as well as Cyclists.

Yes, there are 3 pacers for the Half-Marathon and 3 pacers for the Marathon.

Half-Marathon: 1:45 hours, 2:00 hours and 2:15 hours
Marathon: 3:45 hours, 4:00 hours and 4:30 hours

Please note that Pacers are also humans and they will do their best to be as accurate as possible.

Walkers are allowed on the course (if they are registered) with the only requisite being of finishing within the time limits set for each event: Marathon: 6 hours Half-Marathon: 3 hours 10km Race: 2 hours 5km Fun Run: 1.5 hours For your own safety, if you find yourself towards the back of your race through injury or tiredness but wish to finish, please continue on the cycle track or pavement. Marathon runners who fail to pass from the Half-Marathon (21,0975 metres) checkpoint within 3 hours and 15 minutes will be disqualified and transferred by car to the finish area (Paphos Medieval Fort Square). These cut off times are enforced by the police so that roads can be reopened to the public in accordance with the event permits. While the organisers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon discourage the use of headphones, we do not impose a ban on wearing them.
No runner can be accompanied by a friend or family member on a bicycle. The roads are closed to ALL traffic and this includes bicycles too. Police Officers or Race Officials have the power to stop cyclists and have them detained. The only exception to this traffic rule are the lead bikes/cars, ambulances, Police vehicles and a few cyclists wearing the official yellow jackets who are checking on the safety and welfare of all the runners on the whole course.
Friends and/or family members are not permitted to cross the finish line or enter the finish chute with participating athletes. This policy allows each competitor adequate time to celebrate their accomplishment without interfering with other finishers and ensure the safety of all participants, volunteers, and fans. Athletes who choose not to respect the policy will receive an automatic disqualification (DQ).

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