Logicom Cyprus Marathon is expanding!

The Logicom Cyprus Marathon has always been a multi-cultural event with around 50% of its participants coming from overseas countries. This is due to the cosmopolitan vibe of the city as well as the warm hospitality on offer by the organization! Added to the fact that Paphos has around 200 Hotels, the 2017 European Capital of Culture has also a lot of sightseeing to offer to all travellers. As part of our efforts to spread the news for the Marathon and with the support of the Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, we invited a number of sports travel agents, from different countries, to come and experience the traditional Mediterranean hospitality.

Paphos is actively looking to become a top sporting destination and the Logicom Cyprus Marathon is at the forefront of this effort. In 2018, the Marathon hosted around 2,000 foreigners, either for participating or spectating the race. The program of the visit was enriched with a multitude of activities. Our guests got to experience the traditional Cypriot cuisine in a couple of cozy restaurants with unlimited local wine on offer! Paphos has all the necessary sporting facilities to become a top-sporting destination. The program included a visit to the two stadiums of Paphos which comprise of fully accredited running tracks and to the Olympic dimension swimming pool which can be used at any time of the year. The Marathon picturesque course was also part of the tour, with the guests visiting the Aphrodite’s Rock (Aphrodite’s Birthplace), which is the start point of the Marathon.

The 2019 Logicom Cyprus Marathon is now offering hospitality packages in co-operation with 5 hotels, which have been showcased to all guests. The Archaeological Park, which is protected by UNESCO, was also visited and the guests got to experience the awe of Dionysus Mosaics in conjunction with the history of the Cypriot culture. It was expected that every morning, the day started with light running next to the Mediterranean Sea! Related: Paphos: A Wonderful Sporting Destination All guests have had a fantastic time and really got a taste of what is on offer every March at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon. It was important for them to actually experience the warm hospitality, the excellent scenery and the rich history of Paphos so as to be able to offer the best service to who is the most important in all of these, the runner. 

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