Why Visit Pafos?

Welcome to Pafos! The city on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Pafos Region is a destination combining history, hospitality, fun, relaxation, and adventure. It is a city to visit for all reasons during all seasons! Warm Climate A city where the sun shines and keeps you warm for the whole year. The winter sun of Pafos is ideal not only for running, but also for exploring the city and engaging in many other activities such as sea activities, long walks in the old town, or just relaxing under the winter sun.   Open-hearted Lifestyle Alongside with the warm climate, you can also experience the warmth of Pafos residents’ hearts. Cypriots are well-known for their great hospitality. Through the authenticity of Pafos, you will be able to enjoy and experience the open-hearted lifestyle of Cypriots who will make you feel like home. Register now at Logicom Cyprus Marathon in Pafos! Proud Heritage

Pafos is one of the oldest cities in Europe with a fascinating and great history. The city hosts numerous historical landmarks, revealing its rich and diverse history starting from the Neolithic times. A remarkable example of this historical destination is “Pafos Medieval Fort”, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several times starting from the Byzantine period, till the Ottomans’ domination in the island. It is therefore obvious that Pafos was voted as European Capital of Culture in 2017. Breath-taking scenery Pafos Region has a beautiful coastline of 75km, which offers beautiful scenery of Mediterranean’s sea crystal clear waters. Pafos counts 16 beaches boasting the Blue Flag award for high environmental and quality standards. Except for the coastline, Pafos combines a magical natural scenery that can be found at natural trails and tracks, as well as at the small unspoiled villages around the town of Pafos. The beautiful sunset at Aphrodite’s Birthplace – Petra tou Romiou

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