Pafos: European Capital of Smart Tourism 2023

Pafos is now considered a Smart Tourism Destination in Europe and is at the top of the international rankings in terms of sustainability, innovation and the integration of smart practices.


Pafos has been chosen for the title of Smart Tourism Capital 2023 among 29 candidates from 13 countries.

This distinction comes at the most critical period since both the City of Pafos and the destination, in general, are investing significantly so that Pafos, as a holiday destination in the coming years, becomes an innovative smart destination in the areas of Accessibility, Sustainability, Digitization, Cultural Heritage and Creativity.

The Smart Tourism Capital 2023 is yet another confirmation that the actions implemented by the destination in the above categories are now rewarded and recognized at a European level.

Pafos acquired the title because:

  • Has completed and presented a series of innovative actions in all categories: Sustainability, Accessibility, Digitalization, Cultural Heritage and Creativity.
  • Responded successfully to new challenges and demands in a fast-changing sector, including the evolution of digital tools, products and services; equal opportunity and access for all visitors; sustainable development of the local area; and support to creative industries, local talents and heritage.
  • Presented a complete plan of actions and ensured the EU initiative that has the resources and willingness to change things for a better and SMARTER European Union.

At the same time, Pafos has planned lots of actions to promote the title and also prepared an action plan of good practices of smart destinations for implementation within 2023.

The destination is now in the process to be transformed from a mass tourism sun and sea destination into an innovative and modern all-year-round hot spot.

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