Interview: Logicom Group is extremely proud of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon

The multinational company Logicom has been the premier partner of the historic Cyprus Marathon since 2015.


We discussed with Michalis Katsaris, the Group’s Human Resources Manager, about the partnership between Logicom and the Cyprus Marathon. Here’s what Michalis shared with us! What are the main operations of Logicom? Logicom Public Ltd is an International Group of companies, listed on the Main Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange and a member of the FTSE/CySE20 index. The Group’s activities include: The regional wholesale distribution of Technology Solutions and Services, The provision of turnkey integrated solutions including Business Consulting Services, Business Software, and IT Infrastructure Solutions, as well as, Managed Services, Investments in two desalination plants supplying around 50% of the potable water in Cyprus and in Demetra Holdings PLC with activities in real estate management, as well as, holdings and participations in listed and private entities. Logicom has a physical presence in 18 countries, serves more than 8.000 reseller partners in more than 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, and employs more than 825 professionals. Why did Logicom chose to partner with the Cyprus Marathon and what do you want to achieve through this partnership? Partnering with a sporting event, such as the Cyprus Marathon, reflects Logicom’s drive for excellence and fulfils its desire of achieving new heights. This partnership reflects Logicom’s commitment to promoting health within the workplace and enables the Logicom Group to pass the message of the benefits of exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, respecting competitors, following rules and teamwork. It is the ideal platform to encourage people to rethink their lifestyle and consider changing it to their benefit and bring quality and balance into their lives.

How does Logicom take advantage of the Marathon weekend getaway? Participating in a challenge like the Marathon, encourages social support, increases stamina, strength and confidence. This, in turn, supports team building which positively impacts the Organization. It is proven that corporate events, usually lead to happier and more productive employees, which is important for creating a positive work culture and strong, effective teams. It is also a great opportunity to bond on a more personal level. The breath-taking scenery of the historical city of Pafos is the perfect place to experience a relaxing weekend with pleasant activities, combined with their participation in a good cause. What is the feedback from the Logicom Running Team participants? Do you have friendly competition in the office for the race? Has it motivated employees take their health & fitness more seriously? Logicom Group and its Running Team are extremely proud of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, which became an established event over the years. Everyone is looking forward to this weekend every year and whoever joined for the first time, they always want to come back again next year. They all enjoy having activities outside the office, which allow them to spend time together, along with their families and they, sometimes, become competitive about it, as well. Moreover, the scenic town of Pafos, motivates everyone to return every year. The Marathon itself, on the other hand, inspires the participants to adopt a healthy lifestyle and put in their everyday routine the physical activity.

After all, this is what a sporting event is all about: health, team spirit and competitiveness, and the Logicom Cyprus Marathon embodies all of it. After a challenging year and the unprecedented times the world has been going through, the long-awaited Logicom Cyprus Marathon is finally here. As every year, our Group’s expectations are great for yet another memorable Logicom Cyprus Marathon. Ready. Set. Go!

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