Coming to Cyprus for a Marathon Win on his Birthday – Adam Holland – Interview

Adam Holland has won more marathons than anyone else in the UK, with exactly 194 Marathon wins, hoping to make them 195 on 4th March 2018 at the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon. This also puts him in the top five in the world for marathon wins. Adam “Tango” Holland has completed more than 300 Marathons but there is just one Marathon in his sights and that’s the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon, organised in Paphos on 4th March 2018. 

Adam Holland, a 30 year old from South-West England will arrive in Cyprus with the objective of running the Marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes and potentially beating the Course Record! When he was just 23 years old, Adam completed 100 Marathons, making him the youngest person in Europe to run 100 Marathons.

We discussed with Adam to find out more.

When did you start running?

Adam: I have been running since college, mainly because my friends ran, then worked my way up. When I was just 19, I decided I wanted to become the youngest person to undertake 100 marathons in Europe. I completed this goal at the Eden Project Marathon in Cornwall, UK, on the 10/10/2010.

Do you belong to a team or a running club?

Adam: I am a member of Notfast Running Club in Nottinghamshire, UK and Tavistock Athletics Club, Devon, UK. I am also a member of the 100 Marathon Club.

What’s the best way to motivate yourself to run regularly?

Adam: I set myself mini goals and I look forward to future events. I also undertake challenges for various charities to raise funds. I have recently started vlogging about my runs regularly on my YouTube Channel to inspire and encourage other people.

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What are some of your habits before an important race?

Adam: I don’t have any, I just can’t wait to get going!

What are some of your best running achievements?

Adam: I have many and several Guinness World Records. The most notable would be my 100th marathon and recently completing my 300th. I am also the fastest person to run 10 marathons in 10 days, with an average time of 2hours 45 minutes.

Adam also ran in the 2017 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris in 2 hours and 27 minutes as well as the 2017 UK Boston Marathon in 2 hours and 29 minutes.

What are your objectives participating in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon in March?

Adam: To be able to complete a marathon, I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in before with the objective of running 2 hours 30 mins and potentially beating the course record.

What would you advice someone who has just started running?

Enjoy your first steps, take it easy and remember that every step you take will be a learning curve, just don’t give up. It’s not always easy.

More about Adam here: 

For the record: The Marathon winners

2000 – Pandelis Kambaxis – GRE – 2:47:03 h

2002 – Pol Dekeirel – BEL – 2:48:58 h

2003 – Allan Fotheringham – UK – 2:54:55 h

2004 – Ditier Pomey – FRA – 2:52:41 h

2005 – Salameh Al Aqra – JOR – 2:33:03 h – Course Record

2006 – Andrzej Magier – POL – 2:52:01 h

2007 – Salameh Al Aqra – JOR – 2:41:07 h

2008 – Al Sheith Khaled – JOR – 2:56:15 h

2009 – Mark Werner – USA – 2:56:26 h

2010 – Joe Cawley – IRE – 2:51:22 h

2011 – Gabor Szabo – HUN – 2:44:07 h

2012 – Slim Samer – LEB – 2:55:47 h

2013 – Raphael Igrişianu – ROM – 2:44:50 h

2014 – Raphael Igrişianu – ROM – 2:48:20 h

2015 – Magnus Gödiker – GER – 2:45:39 h

2016 – Jose Ramon Torres Peanilla – ESP – 2:47:16 h

2017 – Liviu Croitoru – MOL – 2:36:18 h

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