Cancellation of the 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon

Following our cancellation notice concerning the 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon, we wish to assure all friends and participants of the event that both organisers and stakeholders alike share the same disappointment for the cancellation of our favourite event.

We wish to reiterate that this is the first ever cancellation of the event since its inception back in 1999. This in itself shows the urgency, severity and importance, both locally and internationally, of the situation concerning the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) The cancellation of the event was publicly communicated on the same day the proactive emergency measures were declared in the Republic of Cyprus by the responsible authorities, including the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus.

Notwithstanding the irrecoverable effort, both in terms of time and expenditure, that was committed and put into this annual event, we were obliged, both legally and ethically, to endorse and unconditionally comply with these official public measures imposed across the Republic of Cyprus for the preservation of health, safety and public order. We note that participants who registered for the 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon will be automatically eligible for a discounted registration fee for the same event in 2021.

A dedicated promo code will be provided for such purpose in due course. In addition, should registered event participants find themselves in Pafos for other endeavours this Friday 13th March & Saturday 14th March between the hours of 10:00 to 17:00, we would be content to meet up with you at the Aliathon Resort to hand you your 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon goody bags. Due to the declared proactive emergency measures, please accustom yourself in advance of your arrival as regards the sanctions* and maximum persons occupancy** restrictions. *Please bear in mind that foreigners from the following countries might have sanctions from entering the country: Category 1: China, Italy, Iran, and Republic of Korea. Category 2: Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Spain, Greece (Achaea, Hleia and Zakynthos areas) More info: **Restrictions on the maximum capacity of persons inside the area will be imposed to conform to the Government Security Measures. The same times & dates would apply (13th March – Friday & 14th March Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00).

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